About Us

Dima Chait


Dima Chait has 9 years of experience in the IT technology field.
Dima started with network administration, continued with network design and project implementations for an integration/consulting company and then shifted to the dark side of system administration and operations.
He holds an active Cisco CCIE Routing and switching certification and is currently studying for a BA in computer science and management.

Neta Iser



Neta has more than 12 years of experience in the data field: business intelligence, machine learning, DBA, ELT and more. Neta is leading the data systems group in the last 3 years, supporting over 160 million registered users. Her experience includes, but is not limited to: mining insights on user behavior using machine learning algorithms; increase users’ usage and improve retention rates by segmentation; prediction & classification & profiling of users; Developing ELT on big data systems. Neta has a Master in business Administration and a B.A in computer science (both graduated with honors).

Eli Iser





Eli has over 12 years of experience in software engineering. His main experience and passion is with embedded C/C++, a field he has worked professionally and as a hobby for his entire career, working on ARM, PowerPC and ColdFire architectures. In between he worked with C++ on Windows and Linux, Python scripting for automation, C# and Java for UI and server side and Erlang for distributed servers, running over 100 nodes to serve the product’s backend. Eli worked on small stand-alone projects, developed products from the initial requirements and all the way to the production deployment and delved into large legacy code bases. He has done architectural and low level designs in C as well as in OOP languages, designed and implemented automatic testing suites and has done extensive debugging and diagnostics of issues that arrived from the field. A BA in computer science and management, graduated with honors, rounds off Eli’s formal education.