Upgrade HP Vertica Cluster from 7.1 to 7.2.3

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We had a requirement to migrate our HP vertica cluster to another physical location for archival purposes.

One way of moving the data is Object level replication – but first we needed to upgrade to 7.2.2  (read more about object level replication in here)

In this post we will describe the steps to perform in order to upgrade your HP Vertica cluster from 7.1. to 7.2 on Linux 6.

In our use case we upgraded from to

  1. Backup your cluster. Downgrade isn’t supported and you don’t want to lose all of your data. We used the vbr utility in order to backup the data:
    Run full backup on the cluster using vbr.py:

    and run incremental backup right before you start:

    Yes – the command is the same. The backup is determined by the ini file which is part of the vbr command.
    Example conf.ini:

    The parameter which determines if to execute full or incremental backup is restorePointLimit.
    From Vertica’s documentation:

    restorePointLimit  –  Specifies the number of historical backups to retain in addition to the most recent backup. For example, if you set restorePointLimit=3, HP Vertica saves three historical backups, in addition to the most recent backup, for a total of four backups. By default, HP Vertica maintains a current backup and one historical backup. Saving multiple backups lets you back up incrementally

  2. Stop the database using admintools:



    Select database to stop (all):









    Enter the password:






    In case that there are other users connected you’ll get this message:








    You can view the connections using:

    And you can kill manually using

    Or just hit “Proceed”.

    Now you should get a message that the database stopped successfully:





  3. If you have an additional package installs (R language, for example) you need to uninstall the package
  4.  On any host which is part of the cluster, install the new Vertica Server RPM as root or sudo:rpm -Uvh vertica-7.2.3-18.x86_64.RHEL6.rpm

  5. Run the update_vertica:
    /opt/vertica/sbin/update_vertica –rpm vertica-7.2.3-18.x86_64.RHEL6.rpm

    The installation failed because of minor things ( dbadmin user (‘dbadmin’) primary group is not verticadba, Differences in RAM (kbytes) on hosts, etc.) Since this is our QA enviroment we don’t really care, so we’ll execute the update_vertica using the –failure-threshold option:

  6. Start the database, you’ll need to accept the EULA: 










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